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Shortcuts - Bernoulli's Law


WHAT? Daniel Bernoulli, a mathematician and physicist from a Dutch family of scholars, discovered an important fluid mechanics in the 18th century [...]

Portrait - Tycho Brahe


On the island of Ven in southern Sweden you can marvel at the relics of a heyday of astronomy: In the 16th century, [...]

Shortcuts - Kepler's Laws


WHAT? Johannes Kepler, the assistant Tycho Brahes in Prague, recognized after persistent analysis of the meticulously created by his teacher [...]

How much does the earth weigh?


Anyone who has asked this question before and tries without help from literature, without google, Wikipedia or [...]

Glycobiology - not just sweet


Biology knows a comparatively young discipline, the so-called glycobiology. Anyone who suspects something sweet here is right. As essentially [...]

Induced pluripotent stem cells


Anyone who has closely followed the Nobel Prize Awards in 2012 should not have missed the fact that the Nobel Prize in Medicine [...]