It is of course a cliché that a picture says more than 1000 words. Rather, words can trigger images as well as sounds or smells. Public relations can hit different keys on the keyboard of communication, technical fashions or personal inclinations play just as high or low roles as the nature of the event to be documented or announced.

Nevertheless, the moving image, i.e. the fast sequence of individual images in videos or animation sequences, was characterized by some special features:

Where text, graphics and images only give a static impression of a dynamic process and the website reader usually loses his attention after a short time, a film transports his message much more effectively. For example, processes that require a great deal of explanation, such as the operation of a high-tech device or software can be conveyed much more clearly, precisely and quickly. The ever increasing abundance of video instructions on web channels like youtube or Vimeo not least confirms this trend.

Trust in services or products can also be built much more easily through authentic portrayals of people with good charisma through formats such as interviews, reports or documentaries.

In any case, video films for the Internet offer companies an excellent opportunity to put themselves and their products in the best light. The effort for video productions has also been reduced for a long time due to the increased performance and downsizing of the technical equipment.Moreover, even smaller productions now have cinematically demanding stylistic devices such as drone overflights, varied camera movements or high-quality color corrections and digital effects in pos production not so long ago were reserved only for large studios.