Project Description

Infographics by scinelion

Infographics have established themselves as a form of presentation. If you want to present a complex topic in a creative, clear and understandable way while keeping an eye on the attention span of the viewer, infographics are very good solutions. We have presented three examples here on completely different topics. Are you interested in infographics? Simply contact us, we are happy to implement your topics visually!

newsworthy: a short profile about the family of corona viruses

This is not primarily about the dangers that currently threaten us with COVID-19, but a brief overview of the biology of this very interesting family of viruses, which include SARS-CoV-1 or-2 and MERS-CoV and count at least 4 other species of human pathogenic corona viruses.

You always wanted to know that?

Infographics are great tools for briefly and succinctly depicting processes that would otherwise require lengthy descriptions. Here on our own behalf.

Americans love polls. You too?

In the United States, polls are not only prominent in politics. Pretty much every area of life is covered by surveys. Sometimes there is no special knowledge behind supposedly exact numbers, but in principle such polarizing representations in infographics enable a quick overview of moods, opinions and last but not least sober facts.